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  • Blog Post: Custom transforms: determining end of rowset

    With SQL 2008 CTPs starting to get into the hands of customers and ISVs, we've found that some custom transforms and script transforms use incorrect code to check for the end of rowset (incoming data), which could cause problems when you move the code to SQL 2008. Unfortunately, some Microsoft docs helped...
  • Blog Post: COM references within an SSIS Script Component

    The SSIS Script Task and Script Component editors don't provide functionality (available in full VS) to add a reference to unmanaged COM components. Can this be done at all? Well, yes, although lack of GUI option in VSA (which SSIS uses for editing and debugging scripts) makes it a bit complex. We...
  • Blog Post: 64-bit references within an SSIS Script Component

    I was forwarded a question about SSIS Script Component on 64-bit, I think the answer may benefit others as well: Currently we are referencing a 32-bit third party component in a script component and running the SSIS package in 32 bit mode on a X64 bit server. Recently, the third party vendor has...
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