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Greetings (Lost in translation version)

Greetings (Lost in translation version)

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Hello all,

My name is Michiko Osada. I met our wonderful customers at MVP Summit and that made me think about writing this message. I am working for Japanese MSDN and TechNet Subscription Program as a Localization Program Manager here in Redmond. So I am going to write something about MSDN and TechNet from now on. It's about the time that MSDN April 2004 CD/DVD and TechNet April 2004 CD are delivered to your mailbox. I received TechNet 2 days ago. By the way if your binder is full you can get new one by sending request to TechNet ???. (I need one too.)

<<Japanese>>  hmm... weird
The Japanese messages was suppoesed be here but I might have missed something... config looked okay but still showing ??? instead of DBCS characters. I'll try it later.


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  • Hello, Michiko-san,
    I found your blog via blogs.msdn.com. I'm Japanese myself in southern California working as a software engineer, of course, using Microsoft technologies. ;-)

    I'm just curious, are there many Japanese people working in Redmond?
  • Hi,

    Thanks for reading my blog. Yes, there are many Japanese living and working in Redmond.
    I mean not only Microsoft but also other companies such as Nintendo, NEC etc. As far as I know at least 30 Japanese people are working in Redmond campus. I'm sure there are more Japanese working here.
  • Hi, Osada-san.
    It was nice meeting you.
    It is cool to know that there are many Japanese who is active overseas. ;-)

    The weird charcter is something with the config of this server or the application config of .Text, as it seems. As you know you can write Japanese in posts/articles but can not in comments. ;-)


    --kyamamoto aka YamaKen in Japanese communities
  • Hi YamaKen-san,

    It was very nice to meeting you too : )
    I figured how to display DBCS character here but since Haramizu-san set up Japanese Blog for me I am going to post English message here and use the other site for Japanese message.

    Anyway thanks for your feedback during MVP Summit and let's keep in touch!
  • ??: TechNet ?????????????????????????
  • Hi Michiko~,
    I'm glad that you started blog!
  • Hi MasamiS
    Thanks and Japanese Blog is available at http://blogs.users.gr.jp/michiko/ : )

    See also Nakamura-san at Channel 9
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