Imagine Cup 2008 - Invent for the Planet!

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Imagine Cup 2008 - Invent for the Planet!

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This week are the finals for the Imagine Cup 2008 World Championships. The Imagine Cup is a truly global competition where young people are encouraged to apply their imagination, their passion and their creativity to technology innovations that can make a difference in the world – today.

This year, Microsoft is calling on young programmers, artists and technologists around the world to "Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment." We're challenging students to bring their ideas to life in a multifaceted competition that comprises nine categories, each catering to a different technological or artistic affinity. Students' work will reflect valuable, real world solutions, while giving them the opportunity to compete for cash prizes. When coupled with the power of technology the potential of young people is unlimited and the ideas they develop for the Imagine Cup could significantly improve the lives of millions of people around the world. In this competition, everyone wins. Each of us has a unique skill to contribute. Together we can make a difference and have fun during the journey.

Every day our planet is changing and there are signs of need that we must address. At the same time, there are good signs: people and businesses are recycling more, and learning how to reduce their carbon footprints. Scientists are researching renewable energy such as wind and solar power, and cities are taking steps to improve air and water quality. Artists are informing and inspiring us about what's at stake if we fail to act. The world needs solutions, and the good news is that everyone can help.

Rob Bernard and I are attending the finals in Paris this week and you can expect to see more blog entries about the competition and more details on the innovation solutions that have been developed through this contest.

You can find out more about the Imagine Cup at and read the blog here for all of the details.

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