Environmental Sustainability at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference

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Environmental Sustainability at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference

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As part of the Environmental Sustainability team at Microsoft, I spent this last week in Houston, Texas for Microsoft’s World Wide Partner Conference (WWPC) to learn more about those partners who have or are developing environmental technology practices, solutions or services.  As Rob Bernard and Allison Watson showcased in their WWPC video about the opportunity that Microsoft and our partners have to impact climate change, I’m thrilled to report that there are some exciting innovations that are helping businesses around the world address their environmental sustainability goals.

Prima Consulting out of Melbourne, Australia is one such company who has developed a Sustainability Dashboard built on Microsoft Performance Point and MOSS that helps organizations:

· Migrate from annual audits to regular monitoring of sustainability performance

· Understand the impact and interpretation of data and resource consumption

· Focus on the data required for reporting

· Rapidly deploy a system to automate the production of mandatory reporting including an audit trail

· Allow regular tracking of actual performance against target, including specific initiatives

· Create resource consumption models to manage activity based emissions, and reduce costs

OSISoft out of San Leandro, California develops software solutions that helps companies worldwide to address pressing global environmental issues. Many companies know only their aggregated energy or water consumption and their carbon emissions—long after the fact. OSIsoft provides companies with timely information about exactly where and how energy is being consumed and emissions generated. Companies use this data to identify work practices and faults that result in resource loss, address those inefficiencies and, thus, reduce greenhouse gas production while lowering their resource consumption.

Verdiem’s SURVEYOR is an advanced solution for helping global businesses reduce their energy consumption and IT carbon footprints. With SURVEYOR, organizations are able to manage, measure and reduce their energy consumption on PC networks.

Companies like DocuSign have developed technology that allows people and businesses to digitally sign and store documents, thereby relieving the need for paper based signatures and physical transport of those documents. 

Siemens IT Solutions and Services is unique in the way they are able to leverage the breadth of Siemens AG to deliver solutions across the datacenter, from Building Management to Network Management to Power Management to Servers and Operations. 

The reality is that beyond those companies I had the personal pleasure of meeting with, there are thousands of companies doing equally innovative and exciting things with software to help businesses achieve their environmental sustainability goals.  Award winners were recently announced at Microsoft’s Ingenuity Point Contest which showcases partners who are developing innovative solutions in the one of three verticals: Healthcare, Education or Clean Technology (Environment). Congratulations again to OSIsoft who designed a solution (video here) to reduce the costs and energy requirements of wastewater treatment.  If you want to learn more about what Microsoft partners are doing with software to make a positive impact on the environment, visit our Software Showcase site off of Microsoft/environment to learn more!

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