Where to Find Resources on Microsoft’s Environmental Business Practices

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Where to Find Resources on Microsoft’s Environmental Business Practices

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Interested in learning more about Microsoft’s Environmental Business Practices?

If so, check out the Our Commitment section of the Microsoft Environment site.

Here, you can:

  • Review Microsoft’s Climate Change Policy Statement;
  • Access Microsoft’s Carbon Disclosure Project Report;
  • Read Microsoft’s Environmental Principles;
  • Find Microsoft’s Sustainability Fact Sheet;
  • Download Microsoft’s Restricted Substances for Hardware Products White Paper;
  • Obtain the August 2008 Open Letter on Environmental Compliance; and
  • Discover articles on Microsoft’s commitment to alternative commuting, sustainable building practices, and computer refurbishment programs.

The Microsoft Environment site also provides a number of resources under Make an Impact that help consumers and information workers reduce their own environmental impact, including how to:

  • Buy energy efficient, environmentally-friendly computers;
  • Recycle Electronics Waste;
  • Manage Computer Power Use;
  • Discover Microsoft Environmental Initiatives;
  • Take Advantage of Low Carbon IT Resources;
  • Learn About the Environment and Sustainable Computing;
  • Calculate A Carbon Footprint; and
  • Obtain Shared Best Practices for Sustainable Computing.

Other Microsoft sites with interesting environmental information include:

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