Microsoft’s new recycling program cuts Redmond headquarters waste in half

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Microsoft’s new recycling program cuts Redmond headquarters waste in half

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As part of Microsoft’s goal to minimize our operational impact on the environment, we recently implemented a new recycling program that is helping to cut our Redmond corporate campus waste in half. Launched by our Real Estate & Facilities team, these new sustainable waste-management programs include the following key areas:

  • Changing the tableware, food containers and flatware to more eco-friendly, non-petroleum based compostable products.
    • This has removed from the landfill stream 20,300,000 pieces of cutlery, 18,500,000 plates and bowls, and 22,125,000 cups resulting in a total of 109 tons of plastic each year.
  • Converting kitchen grease/oil to biodiesel for all cafés and kitchenettes.
    • Each month, approximately 833 gallons of used fryer oil is shipped from Microsoft to biodiesel refineries. That’s around 10,000 gallons of Microsoft’s used kitchen oil converted each year to biodiesel fuel. 
  • Expanding waste management practices to include all paper waste, milk cartons, glass, metal and composting.
    • Composting food waste from cafés and kitchenettes
    • This year Microsoft waste reduction program will convert 400,000 gallons of food waste to compost material through the use of a Compass corporation product called Trim Trax. Approximately 285,000 pounds of food will be composted at the Redmond campus this year.
  • Composting of food and packaging
    • 407 Campus kitchenettes and 35 Cafes are adding organics recycling.
    • 4.7 million milk cartons a year will be recycled.

It's exciting to see these changes take place across the company. With the installation of new compostable trash bins in kitchens and cafeterias it's now up to employees to take part in helping reduce corporate waste.

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  • Microsoft's "green" initiatives have generated quite a bit of buzz lately. What does this mean for Microsoft

  • Inspired, hopeful, and ambitious, i write inspired for my company, hopeful for change, and ambitious to learn how we can take what microsoft is doing and bring it home too, and thereby reduce, reuse, and recylce.

    i'm interested in how the redmond campus birthed such a program and what i can do on my work campus.

    let me describe, we are about 100 staffed. we have a recylcing container, but don't. we started with marked boxes for reclying cans, but staff garbaged the boxes and the cans. and so all cans, napkins, plastics, even small preforated cardboard gets dumped, in guessed it garbage.


  • How can someone purchase these products for their own business?

  • Found it!

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