Microsoft's Generation 4 Data Center Vision - the Architects' Perspective

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Microsoft's Generation 4 Data Center Vision - the Architects' Perspective

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imageFollowing up from our announcement on Microsoft’s modular data center vision, I wanted to share a new blog and video interview featuring two of our architects from our data center team.

In this TechNet Edge video interview, David Gauthier, Data Center Infrastructure Architect and Christian Belady, Principal Power and Cooling Architect, from the Global Foundation Services team at Microsoft, offer a behind-the-scenes architectural perspective on the concept behind modularity and our data center and infrastructure strategies at large. The new blog post discussing the infrastructural components and efficiencies gained from our Gen 4 data center plan can be found here

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  • Most people over look the need for the other aspects of development that are need to create such a huge infrastructure on the nets we all work on. Its this type of engineering that helps progress us to the future. Its not just a matter of plugging it in and turning it on. There is a lot behind the scenes that has to be done to get the hamster wheel turning. Never short change these architects on there ability to complete such a huge task.

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