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Green Computing in The Architecture Journal and TechNet Magazine

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Microsoft has recently published new resources for Architects and IT professionals focused on Green Computing. These offer very good and deep resources to help with your Green IT initiatives.

The Architecture Journal devotes an entire issue to Green IT this month. Entitled “Green Computing,” Journal 18 covers a variety of topics, including:

· Environmentally Sustainable Infrastructure Design

· Green Maturity Model for Virtualization

· Application Patterns for Green IT

· Project Genome: Wireless Sensor Network for Data Center Cooling

· Profiling Energy Usage for Efficient Consumption

· Green IT in Practice: SQL Server Consolidation in Microsoft IT

TechNet Magazine includes an article on power management implementation with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Microsoft System Center in its December Issue. The article is part of TechNet’s commitment to providing Green IT technical guidance for IT Professionals. (Additional Articles can be found in the Sustainable Computing topic area.)

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