Microsoft Convergence® 2009 Achieves the First BS 8901 Sustainable Events Management Certification in the US

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Microsoft Convergence® 2009 Achieves the First BS 8901 Sustainable Events Management Certification in the US

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BSI Management Systems America announced today that Microsoft Corporation achieved Phase 1 certification to BS 8901:2007 standard, for its upcoming Microsoft Convergence® 2009 event set for New Orleans, Louisiana, in March.

BS 8901:2007 - Specification for a Sustainable Event Management System is the new British Standard developed specifically for the events industry. BS 8901 defines three phases of event management, i.e., Planning, Implementation, and Check and Review. Applicability of BS 8901 encompasses the entire spectrum of events ranging from large scale conferences and unique events, such as the 2012 Olympics, to festivals, as well as business meetings and conventions. Independent certification to BS 8901 provides management assurance and lends creditability and transparency to stakeholders at large.

"BS 8901 requires an organization to take a holistic approach in its event planning activities by developing and implementing systems to identify, evaluate, and address financial, social and environmental issues and opportunities that are associated with an event," says Wil Wang, BSI's Manager of Business Sustainability. "By being compliant with BS 8901 Phase 1 requirements, Microsoft has not only demonstrated its commitment to sustainable management in the planning of Convergence® 2009, but is also “walking-the-talk” by setting realistic goals and targets, minimizing environmental footprints while contributing to affirmative social causes, both of which are particular measures of organizational sustainability."

Microsoft is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and has established sustainable practices throughout the organization. In 2008, Microsoft's corporate Events Team developed an internal system of sustainability practices for its events and chose BS 8901 as a tool to test and validate those internal sustainability practices.

"Events have traditionally produced a significant amount of waste and we wanted to find ways that we could not only reduce the waste, but become more responsible with our overall events practices," says Gina Broel, Senior Event Marketing Manager with Microsoft's Events Team. "We also wanted to find a way that we could test the sustainable practices that we had developed over the last year and have them validated by an outside source to make sure we were moving in the right direction in achieving our sustainability goals for our upcoming event, Convergence 2009. We are committed to improving and evolving our practices within our company and the industry and are pleased to have a standard to help our management processes evolve.”

As a leader and innovator in the certification of management systems, BSI Management Systems America helps its clients comply with best practices and achieve a competitive advantage.

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