Chrisitian Belady blog on Data Center Efficiencies

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Chrisitian Belady blog on Data Center Efficiencies

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I wanted to provide you a quick heads up that Christian Belady, Microsoft’s power and cooling architect for the Global Foundation Services division, which oversees the company’s global network of data centers and infrastructure, posted an Energy Efficiency Best Practices blog for Data Center Operations this morning. Christian is sharing this information because he believes the industry as a whole needs to work together in order to drive the dramatic gains needed to make a difference for our data centers and the planet.

The post highlights Microsoft’s data center team’s experiences over the past couple years and the lessons they have learned about how to measure and increase efficiency. For example, new software solutions are enabling data center teams to make dramatic efficiency improvements, primarily in the areas of virtualization, automation, and streamlined management functions.

To view the full list of best practices and the lessons learned, please visit the GFS Data Center team blog. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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