Microsoft signs EU Code of Conduct for data centers and targets PUE of less than 1.2

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Microsoft signs EU Code of Conduct for data centers and targets PUE of less than 1.2

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Microsoft has signed up as a participant and an endorser of the EU code of conduct for data center efficiency.
To date the company is one of the largest data center operators to sign as a participant in the Code. The Code of Conduct offers two levels of engagement, participants are generally data center operators who must commit to monitoring and reporting of data center energy use and endorsers, generally suppliers, who promote the code.

Mark Taylor, Director of Developer and Platform Evangelism, Microsoft said “We need to do three things: Address the issues in our own industry, work to find technological answers to the environmental problems we are all facing today and tomorrow and help individuals and organisations change their behaviour. Signing up to the Code of Conduct is just a small part of Microsoft’s commitment to environmental sustainability, but with the projected growth of cloud computing it’s important. We are also working with our network of partners, customers, environmental groups, industry groups, and leading environmental scientists and academics to drive global action on climate change and share best practice.”

Microsoft cited the efficient design of its Dublin data center as a model of reduced energy usage. "The new Microsoft Data Centre in Ireland, due to come online this summer, will consume approximately 50% less energy than a traditional data centre of its output. In the Dublin facility, Microsoft’s has applied 100% of the ‘Expected’ and the large majority of the optional best practices outlined in the code of conduct and will employ artificial cooling on just one or two days per year.
Microsoft said its data centers are currently operating with an average PUE of 1.6 and that it is targeting a PUE of below 1.2. It has already, or is planning to implement, the majority of the Code’s best practices in its data centres in Europe and across the globe, it said.

Commitments included in the The Code of Conduct encourage data centre operators to:
· Measure both the total facility and IT power consumed at each data centre and through these measurements monitor the overall efficiency of the facility. DCiE or Power Usage Effectivenss (PUE) are commonly used methods for this measurement.
· Set future energy efficiency targets for their existing and future data centre facilities, and make these efficiency goals a part of the culture of the organization. 
· Explore and implement efficiency improvements to existing data centres either through environmental, operational, or infrastructure changes, or by applying best practices or innovative approaches to refurbishments or new data centres.

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