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Microsoft & The Environment – twitter updates

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I just realized that I haven’t posted a blog entry in a while so i thought that I’d give a quick update by recapping some of our latest updates via twitter. You can follow Microsoft’s environmental sustainability efforts at 


  • Microsoft's Troy Batterberry on Earth2Tech’s Top 15 Smart Grid Influencers @earth2tech @katiefehren

  • RT @Zelbinian: Microsoft is apparently not going to sell bottled water in the cafeteria anymore - awesome! #green

  • Sign up to power down on Thursday.

  • Nissan halts server sprawl with Microsoft virtualization software, cuts energy use 34% ---

  • RT "Will Code for Green" @Bing #Gnomedex Finalists announced: (very cool demos)

  • RT @nytimesbits - In the New Data Center, It’s Roofs Off and Taxes Down #microsoft

  • RT @greeninc: The Carbon Case for Downloading Music

  • RT @earth2tech: How Digital Music Can Fight Climate Change

  • RT @toddbishop: 3rd installment in our series on Microsoft's environmental team: Can Windows 7 make PCs green?

  • Lessons from the Front Lines of Green Marketing - There was only one company in the Top Ten - Microsoft -

  • Hohm Shows Way to More Energy-Efficient Future: Microsoft Hohm helps consumers reduce energy consumption, so uti..

  • RT @makower: Thanks Joel - Impressive! Preview Microsoft's cool new enviro site

  • Preview via twitter before everyone else. Check out brand new Microsoft enviro spotlight - - send feedback pls.

  • From DataCenter Dynamics - Microsoft and planet Earth -

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