Microsoft’s New Ireland Data Center Using Outside Air to Cool the Facility and Drive Energy Efficiency

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Microsoft’s New Ireland Data Center Using Outside Air to Cool the Facility and Drive Energy Efficiency

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Today Microsoft had a grand opening for its latest data center located in Dublin, Ireland which was built to deliver Online, Live and Cloud Services to customers throughout the world. With the demand of Cloud services such as Bing, Windows Live, and the Windows Azure platform, Microsoft is taking steps to anticipate demand and growth in the cloud while at the same time driving responsible environmental practices. In that effort we have made great strides towards the optimization of Green IT in the data center, including designing our new facilities more efficient than typical industry data center

dublin425x249 A common theme you’ve heard here is that we continually look for ways to apply the power of software and information technology to support environmental sustainability and Dublin is a prime example. The new 300,000+ square foot Dublin data center is 50% more efficient than traditional data centers that were built 5-6 years prior. The new data center is based on Microsoft’s platform technology and was designed with efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind. The data center leverages Microsoft’s power management and server virtualization to reduce the energy used in the facility.

Much of the costs associated with the typical data center derive from energy to cool the servers. While Microsoft continues researching ways to run servers at higher temperatures, the Dublin facility uses outside air economization to cool the facility year round. This process of using the naturally colder Ireland climate to cool the facility will result in greater power efficiency, helping reach an annual Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) average of 1.25, where higher efficiency results in a lower number.

As part of the commitment to environmental sustainability, Microsoft is a proud participant and endorser of the European Union (EU) Code of Conduct for Data Centres, a voluntary program that encourages organizations responsible for the operations of data centers to utilize technologies, systems and processes that maximize the efficient use of electricity. The Dublin data center is was recently recognized by the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as a Best Practice for innovative achievements in design and operational strategies that are driving greater sustainability and efficiency at the Dublin facility.

For additional information on the new Dublin Data Center, see the Global Foundation Services blog for a new post by General Manager, Arne Josefsberg’s blog

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