The Polarization of the Data Center Industry (at least for now)

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The Polarization of the Data Center Industry (at least for now)

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Christian Belady from our Global Foundation Services team (aka. the Data Center team) has just posted a fascinating blog on the trends in the data center industry. The blog discusses a recent report from Gartner that stated that only about 50 percent of the data center industry’s IT professionals are using some form of energy measuring metric:

“Clearly, the adoption of efficiency metrics is quite low according to the graph.  Less than 18 percent of those surveyed are using PUE/DCiE, less than 3 percent are using SPEC Power and perhaps 7 percent or so are using Energy Star.  A little more than 20 percent are using other internal metrics…and I couldn’t help but wonder what they are.  Additionally, why are the remaining 50 percent not measuring anything, particularly in a time when sustainability seems to be top of mind for everyone.  Why do these folks seem to not care?” (Christian Belady)

So why are so many companies still not monitoring their facilities and using one of the emerging data center metrics to track their progress? Check out the blog for some possible answers.


I encourage all of you to read the Microsoft Data Center blog at to get a window into our latest activities and thoughts in the data center space.

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