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Bend The Trend

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Bend The Trend is a multi-platform solution to showcase positive impacts we can all make to reduce global carbon emissions. The EEA envisioned the ‘Bend the Trend’ as a web application where users worldwide can pledge to make lifestyle changes which will have a positive impact on reduction of global carbon emissions.  The application provides a platform for individual nations to view and compare the contributions of their citizens and to compare to the contributions of other nations.

Though combating climate change requires concerted efforts and international agreements, each and every one of us also has a responsibility and can make a difference through our everyday lifestyle decisions. Even small and seemingly insignificant efforts add up to considerable impacts if millions do them. So get started; make your pledge today and let us together bend the trend. - Prof. Jacqueline McGlade, EEA Executive Director


The home of the initiative is – open to the public from Monday morning 14 Dec. Here, you can become a Trendbender by committing to a lifestyle change to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. When many others follow your lead, these ‘viral’ communities of Trendbenders can make substantial impacts. Take action and you will help to bend the currently upward trend of greenhouse gas emissions down towards where it needs to be.

Many government leaders are meeting to shape climate change policy commitments. These are indeed important. However, the active participation of the public is vital for these policy commitments to be effectively implemented over the coming years.

We all know there are limits to what you can change within the existing societal structures and government policies. However, there are still significant ways in which our personal actions can make a difference.






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