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Steve Ballmer, CES and Huffington Post

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Last week Microsoft participated in the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.   Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer delivered the opening keynote and made mention of some of our environmental efforts.  Additionally, prior to the event, Steve posted a blog on Huffington Post entitled “CES 2010: Beyond Fun and Games,” which talks about the important role technology can play advancing social and economic progress – including environmental challenges. 

Here’s the excerpt from Steve’s post related to the Environment:

The wider availability of computing will also play a role in protecting our planet from climate change and other environmental issues. There are over 4 billion light bulbs in this country -- and if you want to get them turned on and turned off to save power, it's time to get more of them under computer control. There are over 250 million cars in the U.S. alone and the latest ones have more computing power on them than our first manned rocket ships providing opportunities to help drivers avoid traffic jams, offering real-time tips for efficient driving, and programming electric vehicles to recharge at optimal times. And as we add more computing capability to automate our homes we also need to ensure that we improve the efficiency of PCs. At Microsoft, we have built new energy saving software features into our Windows 7 operating system. If fully implemented the software would cut the power consumption of PCs by over 30 percent worldwide. On a billion PCs globally, that's a lot of savings.

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