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Greening of IT article in Science | Business

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Andrew Herbert from Microsoft Research participated in a recent seminar in Brussels which brought together computer scientists, economists, industry executives and European Union officials organised by Science|Business, with the support of Microsoft Research and Scottish Enterprise. You can download the full meeting report on the Science|Business website. Here’s a quick summary:

Foresight in technology is vital to policy-makers – and with that in mind, this
high-level policy symposium, entitled “Enabling the Green Citizen”, was a
brain-storming policy session among a select gathering of technology and policy
leaders in industry, academia and the EU institutions – and a prelude to the global
Copenhagen conference on climate change in December.

During the course of the afternoon, the meeting discussed the latest research
on the application of ICT towards better environmental management in energy
distribution, building construction, transport and other sectors – in short, smart
energy management and carbon control – and the impact of these developments
on policy, and the new growth opportunities they could provide Europe’s ICT

There are some interesting discussions and examples provided in the report that I think you’ll find interesting.

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