Microsoft Hohm Adds New Zip Code Pages to Compare Energy Consumption

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Microsoft Hohm Adds New Zip Code Pages to Compare Energy Consumption

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Today the Microsoft Hohm team announced the launch of their new zip code pages for every zip code in the United States (all 42,000+ of them).  Now Hohm users can compare energy consumption for different cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago or even neighborhoods. Also, energy savings tips for specifics area present users with different scenarios for energy consumption based on zip code, home age and size.  

Initial stats on how much San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York users could be saving on their utility bill if they simply implemented recommendations provided by 

  • San Francisco: up to $430 or 17%
  • Los Angeles: up to $370 or 20%
  • Chicago: up to $310 or 11%
  • New York: up to $510 or 14%

The team has also updated the Energy Breakdown View in the Hohm profile with more detailed information about where users are using energy in their home.  Hohm can tell a user approximately how much energy and money they’re consuming in each room and whether they should change out bedroom light bulbs to CFLs.  

Here are a couple screens shots showing the new pages. 

Zip Code Page:

energy cost by zipcode

Energy Breakdown View

Annual Energy Breakdown


To learn more about Hohm or to sign up, visit here

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