Rob Bernard Keynote Video: Clean-Tech Investor Summit 2010

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Rob Bernard Keynote Video: Clean-Tech Investor Summit 2010

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Rob Bernard, Microsoft’s chief environmental strategist, recently spoke at the Clean-Tech Investor Summit 2010 in Palm Springs, and his speech is now available to watch.

Rob’s keynote, entitled “Leveraging IT for Energy Efficiency; Research Breakthroughs; and Sustainable Practices and Environmental Stewardship” focused on Microsoft’s efforts around environmental sustainability and his view on software and technology’s role in addressing environmental challenges. He suggests that technology will be a critical component to shape the future of energy production, the smart grid, transportation, and building management. Here’s a quote from the speech where he provides a future scenario of the electric vehicle and where the presence of software would be vital:

“The thing that changes radically when electric vehicles really start to take off, is that every homeowner has the potential to have a mobile power station. If everyone comes home at 6pm and plugs in and there’s no software is in place, the grid will fall over. Conversely, if everyone can optimize for downloading when power is cheap and clean, that changes the dynamics of the production and consumption model.”

Please note that to view the keynote you will be required to provide your credentials (name, title, e-mail, and company).  Enjoy!

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