Microsoft's Connector Bus Program and the Environment

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Microsoft's Connector Bus Program and the Environment

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Microsoft’s Connector bus program for full-time employees in the Seattle, Washington area not only has been hit with the employees that use it, but it’s helped improve theimage environmental impact of the region. Launched in September 24, 2007, the Connector consists of a fleet 48 buses that cover 24 different routes, and over 13,000 employees have ridden the Connector since the program launched. The buses are equipped with Wi-Fi for employees to get a head start on their day's work or check the Internet while commuting in comfort.

From an environmental perspective, the Connector provides a convenient alternative to single occupancy vehicle (SOV) commutes for employees, which are often one hour to and from Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington.  Of the 13,000 employees who have used the Connector, over 5,600 employees were driving alone before using the service. Since its inception, the Connector has helped remove over 18 million employee car miles from Seattle area roadways, and our CO2 calculations estimate over 17 million lbs of CO2 emissions from vehicles saved. The Connector serves as a great example for Microsoft of an operational decision that has had strong environmental benefits for the surrounding region.

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  • Congratulations.  I am so proud of what you do for the environment.  Well done. Oh and by the way, I love Windows 7

  • Any chance that non-MS employees can pay money to buy a seat on the Connector? :P  I work right across the street from MS main campus and would love to ride one of those buses as they are more direct than public transportation :P  If not a purchased ticket, I'd work 10 hours/week as an A- onboard the bus ;-)

  • I'm a vendor that has to be on campus every weekday. I live in Kent and would be willing to pay Orca rates to use Connector. Will this feature be added to the program anytime soon?

  • I was just driving on 520 at 730 pm and bus number 905 was weaving and flashing his brights  and tailgating every driver.  There was moderate traffic but it was going the speed limit.  There was no need for this offensive and irresponsible and dangerous behavior.  He almost took my bumper off trying to get around a car going the speed limit.  This should not be allowed especially when you are representing a company like Microsoft.  

  • I'm wondering what the effect has been on county bus ridership.  I often see large metro buses go by with few passengers.  Also, has there been any future plan to partner with the county to provide service to ALL the people in the Microsoft campus area?

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