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Windows 7 Power Use Study

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Our Director of Technology strategy, Mark Aggar, recently posted on his blog some findings from a study conducted by Mindteck which looks at power use of various PC platforms using Windows 7. Their new paper tests both sleep, idle, low use and high use scenarios and built a model to estimate cost savings by using a centralized power management policy.

The study outlines projected annual costs savings, which were noteworthy, but the study also tests the effect of processor chipset drivers on the power consumption of Windows XP and Windows 7. Mark notes that while Windows 7 beats XP on every test, the “out of box” differences were significant. The Windows 7 out of the box numbers are the same as with the updated drivers – this means that Windows 7 is installing the drivers automatically and is taking care of the chipset drivers, even on older hardware.

To see the entire study, download the report here.

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