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CorpsJD - New Wetland Delineation Software

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clip_image002We wanted to shine a spotlight today on a new partner solution from CorpsJD, a newly launched online GIS GPS-Capable Wetland Delineation, Mapping & Reporting Software Service.  Built on the Microsoft platform of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Bing maps, and integrated with ESRI’s GIS application, CorpsJD provides a high performance and reliable service that simplifies the environmental assessment and permitting process associated with wetland properties.  In the words of CorpsJD, “Imagine if you could instantly load Bing aerial maps and see your property's aquatic constraints, soil concerns, FEMA floodplains and other state and local environmental variables that determine a properties net worth.  That’s CorpsJD.  All of this is displayed in a standardized GIS mapping format that's easy to learn, all at the click of a mouse. Imagine saving 50% of the field time and 80% of the office time on a job you're doing anyway.”  CorpsJD is hosting a series of webinars introducing the new features and functionality of the service. Find out more at

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  • Its a rich and higly interactive application which provides online wetland delineation. So that means a user dosent required any high end software like Desktop application for there data editing.

  • This is a great piece of software for wetland delineations. You can also use it to assess environmental constraints before going out to the field and verifying them. It will definitely save a lot of time in the office and the field. Great also for due dilligence purposes before investing in a piece o property

  • It is not just providing the tool for wetland delineation, it is more than that , this allow user to use as a SaaS to improve the business. It contains great reporting features including high resolution MAPS. It is powered by ESRI as well MS Bing Map. Editing is no a issue with online web application.

  • If what you need is a simpler cheaper solution to entering data into an automated regional wetland delineation form, either in the office or in the field, try my product called WetForm at  You may already have all the basics such as aerial maps, soil survey maps, figured out on your own and all you need is a way to get the data into the much more complicated COE forms.  Either on the Desktop or on a PDA or Windows Mobile GPS device like a Trimble GPS, WetForm does a great job, a whole lot cheaper.

  • This application have Whole GIS Functionalities that will be usful to easily analysis of user reauirment related to wetland delineations as well as it will be integareted with Mobile GIS in feature.

    it will save mony,time, and work.

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  • Sounds like a good deal. I've found that reporting software is actually insanely useful after getting hired at a huge company for years. I didn't know a whole lot about it at first though. If anyone needs to more information on this stuff check out    This was my go to!!!

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