1E’s NightWatchman and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Advanced Power Management

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1E’s NightWatchman and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Advanced Power Management

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Following the recent launch of System Center Configuration Manager R3 (ConfigMgr), we wanted to highlight a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner solution from 1E called NightWatchman that helps provide additional capabilities to the core power management features in ConfigMgr R3. NightWatchman is a software solution that helps power down PCs automatically across a network. Used together with ConfigMgr R3, it can identify and repair sleepless PCs and automatically shut down, suspend or hibernate PCs. This provides a powerful combination for organizations to help save energy and reduce costs.

NightWatchman builds on System Center’s power management capabilities in three ways:

  • Administrative flexibility- System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 gives organizations the ability to set specific power-management policies. Additionally, NightWatchman allows IT managers to set power-down rules so that PCs performing key tasks are exempted from scheduled sleep or hibernate periods. At the same time, rules can be set so that PCs not currently performing key tasks can be powered down.
  • User Controls - ConfigMgr R3 allows different departments or business units to create energy policies tailored to their needs. For instance, an organization can create two sets of power-management policies – one for peak periods, the other for non-peak. NightWatchman adds the ability to allow employees to define time periods when they need to perform critical tasks temporarily “opt out” of power management. Also, 1E’s Web Wake Up (a part of NightWatchman) allows workers who are traveling or telecommuting to navigate a Web page and turn on their office PCs when remote access is required. This also means less department-wide opting out of the power management schemes
  • Advance reporting: NightWatchman adds more detailed reporting capabilities including energy consumption of specific PC models and takes into account area specific energy rates and tariffs, so that PC energy costs in areas as diverse as Seattle and New York City reflect actual conditions.

To learn more about using System Center and NightWatchman together, download the whitepaper here.

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  • The NightWatchman link appears to be broken.

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