Look who’s saving energy and money with Windows 7

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Look who’s saving energy and money with Windows 7

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I continue to be amazed at the range of companies that are using Windows 7 saving money and energy. One great new example is telecommunications services company Airtel, the largest wireless service provider in India. As mentioned in their annual report, they moved to Windows 7 (or “Green OS” per their report) and they are expecting to save approximately 2,000 Rupees ($44) per machine per year.

Additionally, the Windows Enterprise team has several examples of companies that have moved to Windows 7 to drive energy and cost savings. I’ve highlighted a few of those customer stories below:

· UK-based BAA deployed Windows 7 and estimates annual PC power savings estimated at £49 ($81 US) per PC/per year

· Texas-based National Instruments has estimated an $81 per pc/per year savings

· Getronics of the Netherlands is helping reduce nearly 10 percent of desktop-related electricity costs and is helping to achieve the company’s sustainability goals.

· City of Stockholm projects $43 (SEK334) per PC per year through their deployment of Windows 7.

For more examples, visit the Windows Enterprise site or the Microsoft Case Studies site and under “Business Need”, search with “environmental sustainability”. If you have any other examples, please feel free to comment below.

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