Microsoft Collaborates with Osaka University on Green IT Project

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Microsoft Collaborates with Osaka University on Green IT Project

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Microsoft and Japan’s Osaka University have launched the Osaka University Green IT Project to look at the utilization of IT and help visualize the University’s energy consumption. The goal for the project is to raise awareness regarding electricity consumption at the University and help improve its energy management through the joint project.

Electricity consumed by air conditioning, lighting, PCs and other equipment accounts for approximately 70% of Osaka University’s carbon emissions. Microsoft is working with partner companies to build and operate an information system based on Microsoft technology for the visualization of University’s energy consumption. Microsoft employees are providing guidance on effective data visualization methods and the use of the technology.

By sharing electricity consumption status throughout the campus and online, the University’s Cyber Media Center will analyze changes in attitudes and behavior of students, faculty and administrative personnel, and make use of this information to reduce electricity consumption moving forward.

We received this story from our colleagues at Microsoft Japan who issued a Japanese language press release here. The work with Osaka University serves as another great way IT can be applied toward energy consumption challenges.

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