NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers using Windows 7 to reduce energy costs

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NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers using Windows 7 to reduce energy costs

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Pro sports franchises face IT challenges similar to other modern businesses. Consider the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, which owns and operates multiple facilities including the LEED-certified Rose Garden, where they play home games and host annually 250 events including sports, concerts, and special events. The organization includes food service, basketball team and facilities and sports and entertainment division, with one IT team responsible for supporting all divisions.

The Trail Blazers recently updated to Windows 7 to improve the performance of more than 300 PCs, enhance user productivity and to align with new environmental programs at the company. By moving to Windows 7, the Blazers estimated they could save as much as $49 per computer per year in energy costs. For the team, it will be a return on investment in less than one year. 

The move is helping the Trail Blazers meet both their business needs and make progress on their environmental efforts. To read the Portland Trailblazers case study, click here. To read more about the energy efficiency benefits of Windows 7, please take a look at our Windows 7 page and download the whitepaper.


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