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Microsoft’s Sustainability Champions

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Are you a Sustainability Champion? At Microsoft we have over 430 of them working in 73 different buildings across the Puget Sound campus. The recently launched Sustainability Champion Program is another way in which Microsoft and its employees are helping the company reduce its environmental impact.


“Watching our waste” is a key tenant of Microsoft’s Sustainability Champions program

The goal of the Sustainability Champion Program is to reduce controllable energy consumption by 3-5% in all Puget Sound buildings. Focusing on organizational behavior change, the program empowers Microsoft employees to play an active role in reducing energy consumption, conserving water and diverting waste from landfills. The program highlights “Champions” who lead by example and encourage colleagues to take action to lessen their carbon footprint by doing things like turning off lights, computers, copy machines, laser printers, as well as turning off water, reporting any leaks, and eliminating personal appliances like refrigerators, space heaters and aquariums.

“Champions” receive monthly newsletters detailing ways to engage coworkers and sustainability happenings around campus. In addition, quarterly trainings, occasional “green bag” lunches, and monthly building energy reports with plug-level (employee-controlled) electricity consumption by floor and/or wing of each building are available to the “Champions” to assist them in the cause to insight environmental behavior change building by building.

We’ve learned a lot from this program over the last year and we hope to take those learnings and expand our reach and impact in the years to come. 

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