Making the Switch to 100% Recycled Paper

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Making the Switch to 100% Recycled Paper

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Today we announced that we will switch to 100 percent post-consumer recycled printing paper in all Puget Sound facilities, including our Redmond headquarters. The annual savings is expected to save approximately 2,500 million BTUs in net energy, the equivalent of 750 million pounds of CO2, and preserve roughly 8,000 trees each year. While we’ve always encouraged employees to use paper resources efficiently and limit waste, this move enables us to conserve resources and reduce waste at a larger corporate scale. The switch will also help support the Washington economy as we have partnered with Grays Harbor Paper of Hoquiam, Wash., to replace the current printing stock. Staples Advantage, the office solutions provider for Microsoft, will fulfill orders for the Grays Harbor Paper starting with approximately 670 cartons on a biweekly basis to the Puget Sound facilities starting April 22.


In addition to the 8,000 trees projected to be saved annually as a result of this partnership, Grays Harbor Paper anticipates it will also reduce wastewater by as much as five Olympic-sized swimming pools and solid waste by eight garbage truckloads. Harbor 100 paper, the type we will purchase is also Green-e certified; the energy used to manufacture the paper comes from wood waste sustainably gathered from the forest floor and the paper is manufactured completely from recycled fibers of post-consumer waste paper from the Northwest using a chlorine-free chemical process.

We invite you to learn more about this announcement here

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