Reduce CO2 Emissions with UC Tools

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Reduce CO2 Emissions with UC Tools

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The World Wildlife Fund estimates that increasing telecommuting and virtual meetings could help save more than 3 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions in a few decades, the equivalent to approximately half the current U.S. CO2 emissions. An amazing reduction, and with a big question attached – who at your company is driving technology decisions around telecommuting and virtual meetings?

With an increase in telecommuting, comes the need to find the right software to maintain efficient connections as employees are increasingly becoming more mobile. The BestinUC blog posted this week that corporate America may soon need a “chief mobility officer” to navigate this technology terrain, which would include corporate strategies around UC technologies as well as mobile devices.


At Microsoft we are working to redefine what it means to be “present” at meetings, by using Microsoft Lync, with HD video and voice capabilities, it’s easy to have virtual “in-person” meetings, which cuts travel costs and has helped Microsoft reduce our carbon footprint. For example, as posted on the UC Group Team Blog last week, Microsoft IT, has calculated that we hosts approximately 100,000 conferences every month using Live Meeting, Office Communications Server and now Lync, and by avoiding more than 45,000 trips per year on average, with an average cost of $2,050, Microsoft has saved a total of $92 million in travel costs annually, as well as the associated carbon emissions. For more on the cost and sustainability benefits we are experiencing here at Microsoft read the full Lync case study, and check-in on our friends in Microsoft Lync group to see what they’re up to.

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