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Kids Will Change the World

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Microsoft on Monday announced the winners of its first US-based Kodu Cup, a competition for young video game designers. The entries were created with Kodu, a kid-friendly programming language that was developed by Microsoft Research's Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs.

The Kodu Cup Grand Prize winner was 10-year-old Hannah Wyman, who won the prize in her age group (9–12). The competition has also been held in Malaysia and Australia, but it made its debut this year in the United States. Scores of children and teens used Kodu to create video games for the competition.


Hannah created a game called Toxic in which players collect coins and hearts and solve puzzles to help save the environment. According to Hannah, "My game is about how the environment is getting polluted, and we need to help shut the factories down and cause less pollution. Making it was very fun and challenging. Just to program an apple to fall out of a tree, it took me quite some time to figure it out at first. But I like [Kodu], and I kind of want to make more games on it."

Congratulations to Hannah and all the winners!

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