Microsoft Hong Kong Wins Environmental Award

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Microsoft Hong Kong Wins Environmental Award

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Last year, Microsoft Hong Kong received the Platinum Award for Green Office Management in the 2010 Hong Kong Green Awards competition and the Carbon “Less” certificate for successfully reducing its carbon footprint by 14%.

This year, with continuous efforts to protect the environment, the Microsoft Hong Kong office has received the “Class of Good” Wastewi$e Label in the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKEAA).


Initiatives taken under the award program have included reducing the consumption for A4 paper, plastic and paper utensils, having recycling facilities for plastic bottles and fluorescent lights as well as collecting old electrical appliances and office furniture for reuse.

The Wastewi$e Label award was established to encourage businesses to adopt measures to reduce the amount of waste generated and recognize the waste reduction efforts of the company.

Congratulations to our Microsoft colleagues in Hong Kong!

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