Using Real-Time Data to Achieve Sustainability Excellence

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Using Real-Time Data to Achieve Sustainability Excellence

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Our friends over at OSIsoft are hosting a webinar on October 13th focused on how organizations big and small can make better use of real-time data to achieve sustainability excellence.


Businesses are recognizing the growing importance of sustainability as a way to improve performance.  From more efficient resource utilization to environmental compliance, effective initiatives begin with a solid understanding of operational performance.  Sustainability professionals can harvest real-time data about business processes across geographies to create effective and dynamic initiatives.   Further, an enterprise wide data infrastructure enables employees across business units to collaborate, innovate, and continuously improve sustainability performance. 

We encourage you to join OSIsoft’s Andrew Fanara, Sustainability Strategist and Gary Wong, Global Water Industry Executive, for this interesting webinar to learn:

· How the knowledge gained from real time energy consumption monitoring can be used for competitive advantage

· How real time data drives operational excellence in data center management

· Data management tools that facilitate worker collaboration for solving new and unforeseen business challenges

· Why a real-time infrastructure is an ideal foundation to deliver:

o Peak asset performance and energy efficiency

o Accurate compliance verification and reporting

o Visibility and operational intelligence on enterprise sustainability

Visit the registration page HERE for more details

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