Microsoft’s Data Center Takes Fresh Approach On Water Reuse

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Microsoft’s Data Center Takes Fresh Approach On Water Reuse

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Today, Microsoft is announcing the transfer of our $ multi-million water treatment plant located on our data center site in Quincy, WA, to the City of Quincy.


This project involves innovative agreements for promoting a long term sustainable use of a limited natural resource, water, in a desert area that has the added benefit of supporting the foundation of Quincy and Grant County’s growing economy for years to come. This is the first known transfer of a water treatment plant to a municipality in our industry.

The strategic location of the water treatment plant will also benefit other local businesses and industrial users, such as other data centers, food storage processing companies, etc. The City of Quincy plans to retrofit the plant as an expanded industrial reuse system in two phases. Following the first phase, the system will generate approximately 400,000 gallons per day (150 million gallons per year) using food processor wastewater effluent. The second phase upgrade is projected to produce 2.5 to 3.0 million gallons per day (1 billion gallons per year), with about 20 percent being used by local industries and the remaining being used to recharge the aquifer around Quincy.

You can read more about this announcement from Christian Belady, General Manager of Data Center Advanced Development, over on Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services blog

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