This Week in Sustainability – Week of May 7

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This Week in Sustainability – Week of May 7

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clip_image002Streamlining a company’s operational footprint is key to improving the environmental sustainability of a business. But focusing on the sustainable practices and policies of its suppliers is just as important. A column in Environmental Leader by David Schatsky, a principal analyst at Green Research, asserts that some of the world’s largest companies will need to influence and streamline their suppliers’ operations in order to lead the transformation of greening global commerce. Schatsky also details how large companies can shift their thinking and expectations of their suppliers, noting that businesses should be setting clear goals with suppliers, providing them with performance scorecards, and allowing them access to speak with sustainability experts to help them make well-informed decisions and accelerate efficiency for both the supplier and the larger business.

We also came across a guest post in Green Tech Media concentrating on finding the hidden efficiency opportunities for commercial buildings. FirstFuel’s Ken Kolkebeck highlights the recent surge in the commercial building sector and argues that despite an increased focus on building retrofits, the bigger energy and cost savings opportunity within the space – operational improvements – remains untapped. According to Kolkenbeck, these improvements include low to no cost changes like changing temperature setpoints, applying night setback schedules, and reducing simultaneous heating and cooling. These improvements, which can be facilitated by IT solutions, are expected to yield energy savings that are roughly equal to those created through retrofitting projects.

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