This Week In Sustainability – Week of May 28

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This Week In Sustainability – Week of May 28

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imageAs we’ve outlined in previous posts, the ways in which information technology can improve energy efficiency are abundant. A story in Smart Planet this week describes how EnerTIC, an energy management and consumption platform and consultancy firm, is helping Spain use information technology to unlock energy savings and efficiencies. The effort is at the heart of an endeavor among cities in Spain to become “smarter cities,” with Santander in northern Spain “going smart” this year and Barcelona on it way. By simultaneously helping Spanish companies and consumers apply information technology and communication technologies and proactively looking at additional measures to drive down emissions, EnerTIC will help the country cut its energy use and become more environmentally-competitive with other members of the European Union.

Meanwhile, a post from Emily Badger at Fast Company showcases a plan to construct a 15-square mile high-tech research and development city in New Mexico. Developed by Pegasus Global Holdings, the city will have functioning roads, a retail district and residential neighborhoods, but it will not have any permanent residents. Instead, this town, also known as CITE to locals and researchers, will serve as a “living lab” to test everything about the future of smart cities, from autonomous cars to new wireless networks.

Maturing cloud computing and data management technologies offer new opportunities to address resource management issues on a large scale; one that is enabling cities, universities and even corporate campuses (like Microsoft) an opportunity to experiment with the role that IT can play in driving greater resource efficiency.

We’ll be watching this space, hoping to learn more about the opportunity for new technologies to make our cities more efficient.

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