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December, 2012

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    This Week In Sustainability – Energy Efficient Data Centers and a Philippine City’s Zero Waste Initiative


    clip_image002This week, GreenBiz discussed data center efficiency, a hot topic across the tech industry as companies seek to reduce their carbon emissions and environmental impact. A global industry group called Green Grid, which is working to improve resource efficient IT and data centers, compiled a five-step list on energy efficiency best practices. Important best practices including calculating the power usage effectiveness (PUE), which provides information regarding how efficient the data center is at using and sending power to its servers, and using virtualization to make better use of IT resources. Finally, Green Grid recommends companies think ahead and begin measuring water usage effectiveness (WUE) and carbon usage effectiveness (CUE), two more recent measurements that track other key areas of data center environmental impact. Microsoft is an active member in Green Grid and has been key to the development of these three measures.

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