Microsoft Green Blog: A New Name for a New Year

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Microsoft Green Blog: A New Name for a New Year

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clip_image002Sustainability is a diverse issue that impacts all aspects of business and life. At Microsoft we’ve worked to infuse our company with environmentally responsible values and to be part of the larger discussion about how software can contribute to a more sustainable world. But as Microsoft’s business has broadened into devices and services, so has our commitment to sustainability. For that reason, we are renaming our team’s blog as the Microsoft Green Blog.

This new name is inclusive of the company’s overall commitment to environmental sustainability, from the adoption of our internal carbon fee to the role that information technology has to play in making a more sustainable planet. In 2013 we will continue sharing stories on this blog about how IT can enable society to seek sustainable solutions, and will also discuss larger issues of sustainability and how Microsoft is contributing to a more environmentally responsible world through our business practices.

We hope you will continue to follow Microsoft Green to learn about corporate sustainability, green IT, how carbon pricing will help Microsoft reduce its footprint and more.

If you are already subscribed to our RSS feed, you will continue to receive our updates. You can also follow the Microsoft Environmental Sustainability team on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!

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