Anywhere Working: The Future of Work is Smart, Productive and Sustainable

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Anywhere Working: The Future of Work is Smart, Productive and Sustainable

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To be successful in today’s market, businesses must be efficient. From managing paperwork to managing inventory, efficiency at all levels of business has an effect on the bottom line. At Microsoft, we’re constantly adapting to remain a leading technology company, and that is why we’re proud to support Anywhere Working— a United Kingdom-based group initiative that has called attention to the role flexible working plays in efficiency. Along with the benefits of increased productivity and employee wellbeing, flexible working can also support businesses’ environmental sustainability efforts.

In February, Microsoft UK hosted an Anywhere Working event in the Houses of Parliament to talk to Members of Parliament (MPs) about flexible working and the future world of work in the UK. At the event, Norman Baker MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, recognized Microsoft for the $212 million in savings and reduced carbon emissions we have achieved through implementing flexible working structures.

Communication technologies, like Lync and Skype, have been at the heart of these savings and have assisted flexible working around the world. Microsoft’s cloud-based products like Office 365 helps ensures files can be securely accessed from any location with an internet connection. Lync and Skype allow people to conduct conference calls from their homes or nearby coffee shops with the ability to see their colleagues across the city or across the country. Communications technologies have changed how people work together on a daily basis, enabling a productive work environment while also helping companies decrease their environmental footprint.

To hear more about the Parliament event check out our video. And to learn more about Anywhere Working and the benefits of communication technologies and flexible working, check out the Anywhere Working Guide and Anywhere Working App, which can be downloaded in the Windows 8 Store in the UK.

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  • Valuable idea! Hope it works for protecting environment more or less.

    PS: The video seems not work.

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