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September, 2013

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    Pragmatic Conservation: Protecting Two-Thirds of Plant Species With 17% of Earth’s Land


    Today Microsoft Research, in partnership with researchers from Duke University and North Carolina State University, announced findings that will help determine how to conserve the greatest number of plant species possible by protecting small landmasses. The results of the study affirmed the possibility of achieving two of the most ambitious goals from the 2010 Convention on Biological Diversity: to protect 60 percent of Earth’s plant species by helping protect 17 percent of its land surface. This research is exactly the type of value that we hope technology will add to society’s understanding of our world.

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    This Week in Sustainability: How Climate Modeling and New Energy Storage is Shaping the Planet’s Future


    clip_image002As urgency to address global warming has grown, climate modeling has become an increasingly valuable tool and resource for policymakers looking to understand how the planet is changing. Meanwhile, new energy storage technologies are being developed that have the potential to support low-carbon emitting energy creation such as solar and wind power. Read on to learn more about how technology can help us better understand the planet and the role emerging technologies have to play in tackling climate change.

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    This Week in Sustainability: New Innovations From Solar Cells to Farming


    clip_image002As we adapt to the impacts of climate change, technology will need to play a huge role in making our energy production more efficient and renewable. At the same time, as a changing climate threatens agricultural production around the globe, new data collection technologies have the potential to help farmers implement more environmentally-friendly growing practices. Read on to learn more about how emerging technologies are enabling more efficient practices across sectors of the economy and around the world.

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