This Week in Sustainability: Lightning-Powered Mobile Phones and Expanding Sustainable Businesses

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This Week in Sustainability: Lightning-Powered Mobile Phones and Expanding Sustainable Businesses

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image This week Treehugger reported that researchers at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom used simulated lightning to charge a Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 925. By using an alternating current that gave off over 200,000 volts they were able to charge the phone successfully in a matter of seconds. Not only does this research show an incredibly innovative way to charge a mobile device, but according to researcher Neil Palmer, it’s a major step in finding how natural occurrences, such as lighting, can be harnessed for power.

Elsewhere, The Guardian reported on how the business community chose not to stray away from sustainability initiatives after the global financial crisis, with sustainability goals becoming more prevalent among major companies during that time. However, according to John Brock, CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises – who conducted the report – and author of the column, the success rate of these sustainability initiatives has varied widely. In order to overcome this gap in implementation, Brock outlined a variety of solutions, including facilitating collaboration with outside organizations that can offer education and skills from a perspective outside of business operations. The largest road block, though, comes from lack of engagement and support from senior leadership. Brock notes that only 22% of the businesses surveyed had a C-level executive dedicated to sustainability and only 28% have a board member dedicated to sustainability progress. While there will always be room for improvement, it is definitely encouraging to see how our peers in the business community are approaching sustainability, especially in this economic landscape.

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  • I am glad to see a blog defining sustainable are more than green. It is a lifestyle that only allows use of resources to be used equal and preferably less than incoming (money, goods and services) and never stops or runs short.

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