Imagine Cup World Finalists Tackle Environmental Challenges

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Imagine Cup World Finalists Tackle Environmental Challenges

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Thousands of teams from more than 70 countries around the world competed in the Imagine Cup National Finals this year, and earlier this month, 34 of those teams traveled to Seattle to compete in the Imagine Cup World Finals. Imagine Cup is an exciting, vibrant event that challenges students to use Microsoft technology to develop innovative solutions. The year-long contest gives students the opportunity to compete in three categories – Games, Innovation and World Citizenship – for a spot at the World Finals, this year held in Seattle, Washington. As part of the World Citizenship category, we saw some really interesting projects that addressed environmental sustainability issues, in particular electricity consumption. Here are the two that made it to the World Finals:

clip_image002Team Brainy Studio (Russia) – 1st Place Winner, Games Competition

Russia’s team, Brainy Studio, created a game called TurnOn, which is the story about a living electrical spark named Turnon; the aim of its life is to provide electricity to the city. The user has the opportunity to control a character that can influence peoples’ lives in a big city without electricity. The story for this game was inspired by "Earth Hour," when individuals and companies around the world turns off lights to raise awareness of the economical use of electricity. The team saw that electricity is all around us, and people are so used to it that they do not notice and save it. But what if the electricity suddenly disappeared? Brainy Studio decided to develop a game to model this situation.



Team ij Developers (Cyprus) – Finalist, Innovation Competition, Winner of Facebook Creativity Awardclip_image004

The LADYBUG project is a smart solution for households and organizations to save, monitor and control their electricity consumption and electrical appliances across all devices via a web application and mobile application. The LADYBUG project is designed to provide users with the necessary technologies and applications to drive them to use electricity and appliances more efficiently and reduce their consumption through simple and smart solutions.

Microsoft believes in advancing the world’s understanding of environmental challenges and enabling solutions rooted in technology innovation. We salute the Imagine Cup competitors who are working to do that and wish them success in their endeavors. Learn more about the competition here.

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