If you’ve visited the PowerPivot Facebook page in the past three weeks, you may’ve participated in our Nerdtastic Quiz designed to help identify the type of data nerd you really are.

Many participants shared whether they are a Numbers Ninja or Strategicians—or the elite crop of data visualizers known as Metrographicals. And a good number of participants shared stories about how PowerPivot had improved their ability to create and share business intelligence—insight that helps us continue improving our self-service BI offerings.

The contest proved more popular than we had anticipated, in part thanks to the blogging community who referred readers to the quiz; bloggers like Purna, publisher of Chandoo, who has one goal: “to make you awesome in Excel and charting.” He’s an Excel master who wrote a really unique review of PowerPivot that caught our attention. Be sure to visit his blog, as well as the many other quality blogs that publish daily posts, analyses, and insights on the BI community.

So, you may be asking, who won the contest? After hundreds of entries, we have determined the winner of the Xbox 360 + Kinect. We’ll announce the winner in an upcoming post. There’s no need to fret if you didn’t win; we have another challenge coming down the pike, so stay tuned. Hint: This one will get all you Metrographical nerds dreaming of data.