Our next series of blog posts will feature the judges of the MSBI Data MashUp contest. Learn more about the experts who have spent significant time with Excel and PowerPivot!

Mr. Excel


Bill Jelen is the host of MrExcel.com and has penned numerous books on Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot. He launched MrExcel.com in 1998 after working as a financial analyst at a very large firm. Growing tired of insufficient reporting tools and spreadsheets, Bill perfected techniques in Excel that eventually turned hours of work into a solvable problem with a single click. Bill has taken the knowledge he gained from working “in the trenches” with Excel and develops solutions for professionals in many specialized industries. One example is the “F&I Menu Wizard,” a proprietary program for car dealerships that streamlines the finance and insurance process and helps increase auto dealerships’ profit per vehicle by an average of $225. It is currently experiencing widespread usage by a number of different dealerships.

MrExcel.com is now one of the three most popular Excel websites where you can find a vast amount of resources. The site enables you to get help three different ways:

  1. Asking questions and getting free help
  2. Hiring Bill as a consultant for custom programming
  3. By purchasing books and other product solutions

You can find his latest book, PowerPivot For The Data Analyst on Amazon.com