If you missed it, the BI team released an updated Power View demo last week. This is the same demo as the CTP3 one that was released a couple months back, but now reflects some of the new features of RC0! Be sure to watch below to see these new features in action.

If you’re wondering what’s new in RC0 there is a laundry list of exciting features:

  • Multiple Views in a Single Report
  • Export to Power Point
  • PowerPivot Gallery Preview Images
  • Multiple View Navigation
  • Sorting
  • More Chart Features
  • Chart Highlighting Enhancements
  • Number Formatting for Tables and Matrix
  • Slicers Cross Filter Other Slicers
  • Per Data Region Filtering
  • Measure Filters and Filter Restatement
  • Search in Filters
  • Drag Your Data to the Canvas
  • Print it!
  • Support for DirectQuery mode
  • Database Image Support
  • Show Items with No Data
  • Measures as Non-Measures
  • All New Canvas Look

You can find a detailed explanation of these new features at the SSRS team blog.

Want to play around with Power View yourself? A sandbox version was just released to try out! Click the link and you can edit the same report that was demoed in the video above.

Download SQL Server RC0