How To: Analyzing Data With Power View

How To: Analyzing Data With Power View

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In our last post, we gave you an overview of Power View capabilities and a chance to play around with some demos.  Now we'll take you through a guided example of how to manipulate one of those demos.

However, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to dive into Power View and walk you through the steps you’ll need to do to participate.

Remember, to access the Power View demos you’ll need a Windows Live ID and to have your Silverlight plugin up-to-date.

We’ll start with the Tailspin Toysreport as an introduction to analyzing data using Power View:

Tailspin Toys sample report and model


To use the report, just click on the image and login with your Windows Live ID. If Silverlight has been properly installed and you are logged in you will be able to see the fully interactive report.

A few things to note:

In the bottom left of the screen, you’ll see an option that lets you click between three different views for the report. clip_image002 The bottom right part of the screen has a toggle button to let you scroll between the reports. clip_image003 Get familiar with these as there may be a need to utilize multiple views. The report is a working interactive model, so you can dive deeper into the data by clicking on the various areas. If you need to change any of the items on the report, click on Edit Report.

Let’s try looking at a question that might get asked from the demo:

What is the highest revenue category for Advanced Demographics?

If you have already clicked on the report, this is what you will see when it loads


We are looking for the highest revenue source (Co-Axial, Collective pitch, fixed pitch, Glider, Trainer or Warbird) for the Advanced Demographic. We can see the demographic categories in the upper right hand corner and helicopter model categories in the bottom right corner.


By clicking on the Advanced bar in the Quantity by Demographic chart, it manipulates the report by changing the shading on the models category to show how much of each model accounts for advanced revenue. From here you can see that the Warbird accounted for the highest amount of revenue in the Advanced Demographic.

Interested in learning more about Power View? Visit the Microsoft Business Intelligence Website.

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