Today we have a guest post from Microsoft SQL Server MVP Dan English. Dan shares with us his initial thoughts on Power View and some of his favorite features of the tool. You can find him on twitter @denglishbi and follow his blog at

My personal thoughts on Power View:

Power View is another step by Microsoft to deliver self-service BI to the enterprise.  And this new report authoring tool developed by the Reporting Services team is simply outstanding.  Some of my initial reactions when I say this for my first time being streamed live at PASS Summit 2010 by Amir Netz was simply 'wow!'  I was amazed at how simple and intuitive the interface was and the visualizations and interactiveness of the tool was breathtaking.  Once I saw the demo I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and give the new tool a test drive.

I really like the fact that the Power View tool runs in the browser, so you can simply launch this right through SharePoint.  The interface is very similar to creating PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel.  When you add items to the canvas to create reports you get to see the results immediately, no more flipping between design and preview.  Based on how the data model is defined the visualizations you add to the canvas interact with each other and come to life.  It is as if you are writing a storybook for your data now versus reports.  I thoroughly enjoy using this new tool and I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.  I enjoyed it so much I am co-authoring a new book about it called 'Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power View' which will be out in just a few months.

- Dan English, Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Principal BI Consultant at Superior Consulting Services, LLC.