What are BI Labs?

We’re excited to unveil the latest BI labs project! If you’re not familiar with BI Labs, they are a series of experimental business intelligence projects made available from internal sources across Microsoft. Additional information and downloads of these BI prototypes and concepts can be found on the Microsoft BI website.

New Lab: Time Series Foundation

Time Series Foundation (TSF) is a .NET toolset for exploring new algorithms in time series analysis and forecasting. The TSF was created to further developments in Time Series Analysis, the idea of data evolving in time. By studying Time Series Analysis, you can analyze past data to help predict future outcomes. Get all the details on the Time Series Foundation lab on the Microsoft BI website and be sure to download the tool and try the Excel Add-In feature.

> Time Series Foundation Microsoft BI Labs Page

> Time Series Foundation Project Download Info

Project Interview:

Michael Tejedor from the Microsoft BI team interviews Alex Bocharov regarding his Time Series Foundation (TSF). Watch the video and see how the TSF is being used in a real-world application; making sense and forecasting of web traffic.

Project Lead:

Alex Bocharov
is a Principal Research Software Design Engineer who has worked at Microsoft Research (MSR) since early 2001 and contributed to a variety of projects in Data Mining, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing. His responsibilities include research and engineering that leads to building innovative tool sets and platforms for researchers and .NET developers. Alex holds Ph.D. in Mathematics from Moscow State University (MGU). Research leading to the creation of the Time Series Foundation tool set has been done in collaboration with Bo Thiesson and Chris Meek of MSR.