During the SQL PASS Summit 2011 Day One Keynote (watch the recording at: http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/2011/Live/LiveStreaming/LiveStreamingWednesday.aspx), we were excited to announce our support for Apache Hadoop. During his keynote, Ted Kummert, Corporate Vice President of Business Platform at Microsoft, summarized it nicely:

“The next frontier is all about uniting the power of the cloud with the power of data to gain insights that simply weren’t possible even just a few years ago”

One of Microsoft’s strengths within the context of Big Data is our ability to integrate with Hadoop. To showcase this integration within the context of SQL Server BI, we’d like to invite you to join us at the Hadoop Summit 2012 in San Jose, CA (http://hadoopsummit.org) for the Microsoft Reference Architecture session:

How Klout is Changing the Landscape of Social Media with Hadoop and BI

Session Abstract

In this age of Big Data, data volumes grow exceedingly larger while the technical problems and business scenarios become more complex. Compounding these complexities, data consumers are demanding faster analysis to common business questions asked of their Big Data. This session provides concrete examples of how to address this challenge. We will highlight the use of Big Data technologies—including Hadoop and Hive —with classic BI systems such as SQL Server Analysis Services.

Session takeaways:

  • Understand the architectural components surrounding Hadoop, Hive, Classic BI, and the Tier-1 BI ecosystem
  • Get strategies for addressing the technical issues when working with extremely large cubes
  • See how to address the technical issues when working with Big Data systems from the DBA perspective

Diving Deeper:

  • We will discuss how Klout uses Big Data to unify the social web from processing 15 social networks every day to having more than 54 Billion rows of data in the Klout Data Warehouse
  • We will discuss the data requirements ranging from capturing and storing all user and visitor events to the ability to support interactive queries.
  • Review the end-to-end architecture involved to process and query all of this data - which highlights the need to choose the Best Tool for the Job.
  • Demonstrate and review architectural components including Hive queries, MDX queries, Scala/JavaScript API calls, and using Excel.

Because of these requirements, we will show how Big Data (Hadoop and Hive) and BI are better together!

The session will be co-presented by David Mariani (VP Engineering of Klout, @dmariani) and Denny Lee (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, @dennylee). For more information on the presenters, check out Meet the Presenters: Dave Mariani from Klout and Denny Lee from Microsoft.

See you at Hadoop Summit!