Announcing Windows Azure SQL Reporting General Availability

Announcing Windows Azure SQL Reporting General Availability

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As we announced last week on our Windows Azure site here, we are ushering in a new era of Hybrid IT, bringing the best of both our on-premises offerings and cloud together. A key part of this solution is delivering the promise of business intelligence in the cloud. As a first step in this direction, we are enabling developers to build SQL Server Reporting Services solutions on Azure with the General Availability of Windows Azure SQL Reporting.

With SQL Reporting on Azure, developers can use familiar tools such as the Business Intelligence Development Studio and SQL Server Data Tools to author reports, just as they do today when running SQL Server Reporting services on-premises. SQL Reporting on Azure provides consistent APIs to view, execute and manage reports along with rich formatting and data visualization options.

Additional capabilities of SQL Reporting on Azure include:

Elastic scale and high availability

  • The SQL Reporting scales as your requirements grow with easy self-provisioning.
  • The Service has built-in high availability and fault tolerance. SQL Reporting is available across Microsoft Data centers around the world.

Report Formats

  • With SQL Reporting, you have the ability to export reports to various popular file formats including Excel, Word, HTML, PDF, XML, and CSV.

Secure access

  • The rich authentication and authorization model in SQL Reporting gives secure access to reports and underlying data. It keeps your data secure while offering access to even more users.

SQL Reporting on Azure offers a fully backed SLA and enables you to publish reports to the cloud or embed reports directly within on-premises applications that can be accessed via your browser, mobile devices or desktops.


Here are a two examples of how customers and partners use SQL Reporting to solve real world problems: Fujitsu Services reduces resource planning system costs by 60 Percent with Cloud Solution including Windows Azure SQL Reporting and agricultural firm Biobest uses SQL Reporting on Azure to distribute sales data and improve insight.

You can try this great service free of charge for billing periods beginning prior to August 1, 2012. Thereafter, the charge will be $0.88 per hour per reporting instance. For more information about pricing please click here. To learn more about SQL Reporting, please click here, or visit the SQL Database Management Portal to begin experiencing SQL Reporting for yourself today!

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  • SQL Azure Reporting beta has been very popular with our customers using Mobi Reports Pro on the iPad and iPhone. We expect this to grow exponentially now that it is released. BI in the cloud and on iOS.


  • Let me know when SSIS is available.  That, I need.


  • Hi,

    So the cost post preview will be :

    per month = 0.88 x 24 (hours) x 31 (days) = $654.72

    and for year (x 12) = $7,856.64 ?



  • wow, so cheap!

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