Microsoft Named a Self-Service Business Intelligence Leader by Forrester Research

Microsoft Named a Self-Service Business Intelligence Leader by Forrester Research

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Forrester Research has positioned Microsoft as a leader in the "The Forrester Wave™: Self-Service Business Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2012" report. Forrester highlights Microsoft's approach to delivering self-service BI through the familiar tools of Excel and SharePoint. According to the report, "Microsoft enables business users to look no further than Excel for self-service BI." Microsoft has built on its broad, omnipresent, SQL Server-based BI functionality, which already includes Integration Services, Reporting Services, and Analysis Services. It now offers a very respectable PowerPivot and Power View in-memory data analysis and discovery engine. Think of this as Excel on steroids. If you are already using Excel (and who isn’t?) look no further for your self-service BI platform."

Microsoft introduced self-service BI with the release of PowerPivot in SQL Server 2008 R2. PowerPivot is a powerful Add-In for Excel, enabling users of all levels to quickly access data from virtually any source and to analyze and model that data in Excel.

With SQL Server 2012 we add a second end-user tool to our self-service line-up with Power View. Power View is a highly interactive, browser-based data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience for users of all levels—from business executives to information workers. Now anyone can create a report in just seconds, transform the “shape” of data with a single click, add powerful timed animation sequences to quickly identify trends or anomalies, and make a more convincing case through rich presentation from the insights they discover. Your data has a story to tell, and it’s an important one about your business. Power View will help you tell it.

Microsoft also believes that a complete self-service solution must be designed with data governance and compliance in mind. Through SharePoint we provide IT with the tools they need to manage and protect the data and content that end users are creating. We provide IT administrators with the insight and oversight they need through tools for monitoring and managing user generated content and can transform that content into corporate grade solutions that are professionally managed by the IT department. This simplifies compliance without hampering user agility and creativity. We refer to this as 'user created, IT managed'.

Come and learn more and try out the solution that Forrester Research has qualified as a leading self-service BI solution by visiting

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  • I think Microsoft is leading the Database Platform

  • You're exactly right! But if Self-service business intelligence is nice, adding natural language processing is even better!! (

    For that, check out Qwalytics: They transform plain english question into reports!! Talk about natural language analytics!!!

    Self-service business reporting and natural language reporting made easy!

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